white dragon is the fourth dragon in dragon's's specialist is 2 elements which is ice and fire.he is hard,requires level 50+ players in order to defeat him.he will drop you level 4 elements.

to defeat him you must complete the waves:

1.when you take 75% damage to him you will break 3 followed 3 crystal.

2.he will be stun and you must attack him

3.once you take him 60% damage to him he will fly. will battle mini bosses in 2 waves

5.once you kill him,the dragon will return

6.once you take 75% damage to him,you need to break 3 followed 3 crystal.

7.he will fly and battle 2 waves of mini bosses.

8.he will return and taking him some damage,heis dead.

mini bosses:

1 wave: 2 temple guards

            3 fire archers.

            or it will be:

           1 demon warrior king

             1 elite minotaur

            3 goats

             4 lightning wizards

2 wave:1 lava huge spider

           1 demon warrior king

          4 lightning archers

          1 spider

         or it will be

         1 elite skeleton ice archer

        1 elite minotaur wizards

dragon drops:

4 purple elements

mini boss dropsEdit

1.white scarab axe

2.curse axe

3.battle axe

4.white severing axe

5.white underworld axe

6.warlord sword

7.foul sickle sword white 

8.vile sickle swords

9.dark sickle sword

10.deadly axe and mace

11.deadly axe and blade

12.deadly mace and edge

13.grim death axes

14.grim reaper and mace

15.grim fell axes

16.grim reaper.

after you defeat him you will received  2000 renown points.